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Battery Replacement Service


Recommended Every 2 - 4 Years

Includes a genuine Volkswagen battery with 3-year unlimited range warranty & 2-year prorate thereafter.

Understanding the Process of Volkswagen Battery Replacement - What Volkswagen Car Batteries Do

Volkswagen car batteries, like all other makes of cars, do three things. The first two are essential, the third is convenient. The battery's primary function is to turn the starter motor so it can get the engine pistons running. The second battery function is that it is integral to the electric system and must recharge between uses. It allows current to run through it even when the alternator is powering the electrical components. The third function of the battery, as a convenience, is it can, within reason, power the headlights, interior lights, radio, and power door locks or windows when the engine isn't running the alternator to power those tasks.

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Reasons for Battery Inspection and Replacement

With older cars, allowing a battery to go dead wasn't a big deal, it simply required replacing the battery and the problem was solved. Newer cars are actually drawing a tiny bit of current from the battery when the engine isn't running to maintain computer settings and additional features such as radio and alarm systems. A complete battery failure can cause additional problems that may reset automatically or require additional repairs conducted by a certified technician with the required knowledge and tools. It's also important to inspect a battery if it has ever drained completely, for although there are exceptions, it usually will never work at peak performance again after such an episode.

Signs of a Failing Battery

The easiest way to tell if a battery isn't performing at optimal levels is to attach a voltmeter to it to see whether or not it is holding a charge. The first sign most drivers will notice is it takes longer to start the vehicle, as the starter motor isn't receiving the appropriate amount of power to work efficiently. As the problem gets worse, it can cause numerous unpredictable issues as the battery actually begins to impede the electric flow through the various subsystems. Lights might dim unexpectedly, certain electric systems may stop working properly or become erratic, or fuses and relays can blow. Generally speaking, when electric components aren't working as they should, the battery is the first thing to test, followed by the alternator.

Battery Replacement Service

Finding a Car Battery Service Near Me

For car battery replacement in Newton, NJ and the surrounding areas of Augusta, Branchville, Andover, and Franklin, Volkswagen World of Newton is the place to go. Our trained and certified technicians understand how to replace the battery with a proper new one and how to thoroughly inspect the electric system to determine if another issue is behind the problem of the dead battery.


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