Servicing Your Volkswagen at the Dealership

No matter how new your car is, there lingers in the back of the mind of every car owner the dread of someday breaking down. Reduce the likelihood of needing roadside help by regularly maintaining your vehicle. Your Volkswagen owner's manual lays out timetables, schedules, and advice when specific tasks should be completed so you can have plenty of time to get them done.

While most drivers think of tasks like changing the oil or rotating the tires when considering maintenance, washing your vehicle is an excellent way to keep it maintained, and it's something almost anyone can do. Fill any chips in the paint with touch-up paint and fill any fluid reservoirs in your engine if they're low at least a few times a year. You can also check your tires' pressure and tread depth once every month or two to ensure they're safe for driving.

For larger jobs, a mechanic's help may be required. Changing your oil, rotating your tires, changing headlight bulbs, wiper blades and air filters will all benefit your vehicle, helping it to run smoothly and efficiently. Every 50,000 miles or so, maintenance like changing your timing belt, serpentine belt, spark plugs or the fluids in your transmission and transfer case will be required.

Seasonal changes will necessitate some maintenance if you live in a harsh climate. Winter driving is safer with the appropriate tires and a check of your battery, windshield wipers and coolant to ensure they're up to the demands of cold temperatures.

Keep your Volkswagen as reliable as possible by completing the vital maintenance it needs. We're here to help you with any task, large or small. Our mechanics are trained in every aspect of Volkswagen's care and always use manufacturer recommended parts whenever they can. Trust us to keep your car running like new, and check with us often to see if we're offering any specials on the kind of services you need most.

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